Batson Miller and Associates Limited – Alternative Natural Health Services in Trinidad

Batson, Miller and Associates Limited are Specialists, Consultants in natural and integrated medicine. An organization of trained health Consultants and Practitioners in Ayurvedic, Chinese, Holistic and Natural medicine. We provide alternative natural and integrated services and programmes for individuals (who choose to) to address various health issues and ailments. These include and are not restricted to: • Weight loss • Diabetes • Acid Reflux – (indigestion, Stomach ulcers) • Cardio Vascular Disease – (Block Arteries, Angina, heart palpitation) • Constipation • Anemia – (Low Blood count) • Arthritis – (gout, heel spheres) • Hypertension – (High Blood Pressure) • Hypotension – (Low Blood Pressure) • high cholesterol • Kidney Problems – (stones, damaged) • Eye problem – (Cataracts, Glaucoma, blurry eyes, detached retina) • Cancer • hormonal imbalance – (Fibroids, Polycystic Ovaries, Ovarian Cysts) • Prostate problems • Asthma (Nasal allergies, Sinusitis) • Psoriasis We also provide services and programmes for indiviuals who have no health issue and just wants to maintain a natural healthy lifestyle. Contact: 1 (868) 314-9975, 1 (868) 474-9838, 1 (868) 222-8261 Facebook Page: Email: Address: Head Office: #182 Montrose Main Rd, Chaguanas (Next to Popey's & Burger king) …. South Office: Lalls Shopping Mall, Debe, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago Christopher Silverton-Thong – Personal Trainer and Health Activist Subscribe to my youtube <b>…</b>

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