Could this be Dachshund Arthritis?

Bittersweet Asked: Could this be Dachshund Arthritis?

My 5 year old dachshund has been having day-long bouts where she wont jump, avoids movement, and lays wrapped up anywhere that is warm. We examined her body, and no particular spot made her flinch or yelp.It seems to be occurring when the weather is cold. By the next day or so, she is her rambunctious self again. She is not overweight. Could this be arthritis?


mauveme49 Answered:
Possibly in the spine,They are terrible for spinal problems.

WyrDachsie Answered:
I suggest you get to the vet and do not self treat.I am not a vet and neither is anyone who posts here.We do not know your dog and have not seen your dog.

Could it be arthritis?Anything is possible, though there shouldn't be arthritis in a 5 yo dog.5 yo is not old, especially for a dachshund.

If she avoids movement, it could very well be her back.You won't know until you've seen the vet.

greygarious Answered:
Long-backed dogs, especially short-legged ones, are prone to spinal problems.Check to find out if there is a certified veterinary chiropractor and/or acupuncturist near you.
Periodic "tune-ups" can prevent these dogs from developing chronic problems, and prolong their lives.

ladystang Answered:
why not let vet talk to you?

bbardi99 Answered:
talk to these dog
they are mainly dachshund owners and some other smaller breed owners,who all had a dog or dogs with back/spinal issues.
dachshunds and all small breeds with dwarfism(achondroplasia) are prone to inter vertebral disc disease (IVDD) this disorder causes the inter vertebral discs to herniate/bulge or even rupture at usually young or middle age:4-5 years old dogs are the most prone to it.
in humans, its called degenerative disc disease:most people who develop it are in their 30's and 40's.
please talk to the dachshund

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