Older dog having accidents in the house..?

Christina Asked: Older dog having accidents in the house..?

I have an older dog who has been having a lot of accidents in the house. It is always poo, never pee and it is mostly in the morning when we come downstairs. This is an almost everyday occurrence and can sometimes be more than once a day. Because of this I am going to let her out earlier and see if this makes a difference. I am guessing it may have to do with her hips or her bowels because when she goes it is always while she is walking. It may also have to do with our younger dog who will always chase her as she goes. We have tried to stop our younger dog by keeping them separated outside when we can't be watching them to see when our older dog is going to go.

She is a 12 years old German Shepherd mix who has a bit of arthritis problems so we give her Glucosmine capsules to help relieve her joint pain. Other than these two problems she is a very healthy dog. The veterinarian has told us to leave her on her adult food because she is in good shape. Also when we take our dogs on walks/to the dog park people always think our older dog is still very young and they are very surprised when they hear her real age.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I could do to help her, such as medication or whatever else you think may help? Thank you so much for all of your time!


Harry Answered:
I woukd agree, take her out a bit earlier.
If problems persist, my older cat gets slipped pills in her food, and theres this smell that only cays can smell thats a territorial thing where they cant pee in the house, shes 14 and hasbt peed in the house for 2 years.

puplovetft Answered:
Take her out earlier and more often as well. But, at age 12, you really should take her to the vet for a complete senior exam including x rays and blood work.Your vet is your best source when it comes to medical (or possible) medical problems.

Dog Section Regular Answered:
I had a 16year old Lab cross German Shepard mix, as he got older he started to mess frequently. He also suffered from Arthritis, it is a sign maybe your dog i ill , ring or consult your vet and see what they say..

Deputy Dog Answered:
she has had a long life and it's time to say so long. do the right thing and put her down.

Rhianna Answered:
This was the time when my dog came to an end. He was a 14 year old lab and he always pooped in the house everyday. He also had a bit of hip dysplasia.

Big Jebb Answered:
It is pointless just LETTING a dog out for its last pees and poos, or before you leave it. You must take your dog OUT and stay OUT with it until it performs, then go overboard with praise. If you fail to do this, your dog will either wake you up because it needs to go out, or it will defecate in the house.

I have had dogs for several years that have been trained from a very early age. However I always TAKE my adult dogs out for their last pees and poos.

Even well trained dogs, dont know when its their last change before bedtime to get a pee or a poo and they dont know when you intend to out.
There are addition things that could help with her pain.
I investigated other meds on the internetwhen my GSD had arthritis and discovered Flexadin. Its about 70 from the vets and 20 on the internet.It contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin which helps enormously with pain and bone problems; however it also contains Devils Claw which also helps with pain. Later I accidentally discovered Seraquin which has other virtues because as well as the above stuff it also contains Turmeric, this is about 60 from the vets and 16 on the internet.
I was told that it could take up to six weeks for either Flexadin or Saraquin to take effect. In my experience it acts more quickly.

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